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Passionate about raw chocolate

In june 2018 Stephan and Dominique created raw, vegan, gluten free chocolate brand Rose & Cacao. They are two friends with complementary skills and common values who decided to jump together in the entrepreneurial adventure.

Rose & Cacao chocolatier

 Dominique (Co-founder)

My path is not straightforward as I have studied and worked in multiple fields such as traditional chocolate and pastry making, psychology and alternative therapies but also in the fields of sports, food and nutrition. Today I vibrate from the desire to craft a raw gourmet chocolate that combines pleasure from the senses and exceptionnal nutritionnal values (raw, vegan, gluten free and low glycemic index chocolate was the only natural option !). I am a natural sweet tooth also very careful about well-being, and eating chocolate must be a pleasure that doesn’t sacrifice anything to health and ethics !

What do you do at Rose & Cacao ?

I am the one with hands full of chocolate ! I make it and I create the recipes you will find in our shop. I stir, I temper, I taste, I search for the flavors that will make your chocolate break into a sweet and unforgettable moment !

I am also Rose & Cacao’ s voice on social media.

And if you were…

A country : Scotland, because I used to live there and I feel particularly tender about its wild landscapes and its poetic atmosphere.

A movie : « Babette’s Feast », a movie I have seen more than 20 years ago in school but that still holds me. Food is Love, et « Babette’s Feast » has been an inspiration for me in my chocolatier’s path.

A value :lovingkindness, because I believe it’s by being kind to oneself and others that we can be happy and positively impact the world we live in.

A scent : the smell of melting chocolat ready to be made in a gorgeous bar of course !

A spice : cardamom because it’s an invitation to travel and because it warmth up my heart.

Your favorite raw chocolate recipe : 75% caramelised cacao nibs bar, crispy, sweet and a little sour I love !

Stephan (co-founder)

I am a graphic designer but along with that activities in recent years I also have supported and coached entrepreneurs growing their business in the context of a business and employment cooperative I have run with other people. That experience, to which I added a degree in Business Management in 2013, have been stepping stones on my route to getting committed into a project with strong values from the social and solidarity economy. Meeting Dominique sealed the deal…and the story keeps being created every day…



What do you do at Rose & Cacao ?

I deal with everything graphic, photos, creating « the spirituailes ». I am Rose & Cacao’s look. I also drive Rose & Cacao, making sure the engine runs smoothly, sticks to our goals and doesn’t hit the wall. Eyes on the numbers, I check the control panel. I am the one grinding my teeth when it comes to new expenses.

And if you were

A place : Europe because I find it’s a beautiful project of union, gathering, beyond national, religious or ethnical affiliations, serving a common voice…even if we’d have a lot to comment of course…

A book : Serge Lentz“Vladimir Roubaïev”. I remember this book as a joyfull and lively reading.

An idea : welcoming the Other as a part of Oneself. So difficult to embody in everyday life.

A scent : a juicy piece of meat on the barbecue ! No I’m kidding ! I love spring smells after the rain.

Un character : a Jedi, vibranting The Force, sweaping away Darkness !!

Your favrorite chocolate recipe : the 68% low temp caramelised pecan Rose & Cacao bar, a real delight !


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