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Eating chocolate is good good for your health ! Yes, but in order to really benefit from the many virtues of chocolate, it is best to chose raw chocolate !

Raw cacao bean has been considered as the nectar of the Gods for thousands of years. Indeed it offers no less than 200 nutrients great for your health.

At last, you can indulge in chocolate delight without guilt AND combine pleasure and well-eing !

My chocolate bar, my virtuous yummy moment

Yes, the 4 pieces of chocolate I eat every day are good for my pleasure…and for my body ! If, and only if, I chose a raw chocolate bar. Raw chocolate is made from fermented, but non roasted cacao beans. Preventing the beans from high temperatures allows raw cacao to preserve all its health benefits.

Need energy ? Let’s bite into a few pieces of raw chocolate !

Raw cacao bean has got a very rich theobromin content, and unconditionnally offers me its boosting and energizing properties. It stimulates the nervous system, gives me energy when I run low and helps me concentrate. This is ideal for a late morning snack or after my day at work to start anew !

I start feeling down ? Hop ! My choco moment brings me back my smile

This not only because my chocolate bar means sweet sugary pleasure ! In fact, raw chocolate contains plenty of anandamide, a natural antidepressant molecule ! It also offers a high magnesium content (499 mg per 100g, 125% of the RDA). So I can indulge in a special moment, just for me, where chocolate and well-being are truly associated. My chocolate bar increases my serotonin level, I feel relaxed and smile :-D. And if I combine the vortus of raw chocolate with the soothing properties of Damascus rose with « La Courtisane », sweetness of life fills me up.

My chocolate bar  rejuvenates me…gourmet style

True, raw cacao bean has a very high antioxydant content, those famous molecules able to support my body in protecting itself against free radicals, oxydative stress and the multiple sources of pollution I am confronted to on a daily basis. Raw cacao is also is also highly alcalizing, which helps my cells regenerate. My chocolate bar has now become my beauty routine !

My chocolate break protects my gourmet heart

No more reason to feel guilty because I like having chocolate after lunch. Raw cacao‘s protective and vasodilating virtues benefit my heart. By eating raw chocolate, I promote my own health !

Who would have thought that chocolate could be my health and well-bieng best friend !

That’s the end of guilty pleasure.

I can relax in chosing raw chocolate, because I undoubtedly offer my body superfood.

So YES, I eat chocolate, but raw chocolate only !



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