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 » I suffer from diabetes, I am not allowed chocolate anymore »

« I am watching my sugar intake, so I have stopped eating chocolate »

« I am addicted to sugar, I am fed up of starting with 2 pieces of chocolate and ending up gulping the whole bar down ! »

Do you recognize yourself ?

As chocolatier at Rose & Cacao, I could feel really unlucky to have so much sugar around on a daily basis. And you know what ? This is exactly thanks to my addiction to sugar that today I am making low glycemic index chocolate !

Shall one be diabetic, follow a low sugar diet or wish to avoid the negative impacts of sugar and its addiction on health, I believe a lot of us will recognize ourselves in that never ending search of the ultimate gourmet AND healthy treat. 

Does the half hour spent in the chocolate bar shelf of your local store, scanning labels for the least sweetened chocolate ring a bell ? Or even the repeated trials to find pleasure with a low glycemic index chocolate bar, you know the diabetic chocolate bar found in every store ?

And if you could have the choice !

If you could find a whole range of organic low glycemic index chocolate bars ready to suit all your yummy moments ?

A sweet gourmet chocolate bar to share with your friends and family…

A chocolate bar that would make a perfect sensual gift for a special moment with your beloved…or with yourself !

A crunchy and spiced chocolate bar, as warming as a steaming falvourful tea cup or mulled wine during Christmas season…

And if you could make friends with chocolate again !

Stop considering your chocolate snack as cheat treat !

Stop feeling guilty or worrying for your health and ruin your pleasure !

And start giving real delish to your taste buds without the negative impact of sugar on your health !

Rose & Cacao chocolate, a naturally low glycemic index chocolate

Being able to treat oneself whilst keeping my health as a priority…

The chocolate we make every day offers a composition that suits our body’s needs and respects it.

Coconut sugar, a low glycemic index sugar

  • Contrary to traditionnally used cane sugar showing a glycemic index of 70, coconut sugar naturally offers a low glycemic index of 24,5
  • Antioxydant rich, coconut sugar helps promoting healthy cells and preventing cardiovascular diseases and cancer,
  • Coconut sugar is full of essential nutrients such as group B vitamins, potassium, zinc, iron…

At Rose & Cacao we make our chocolate with coconut sugar, whatever the recipe ! Not only because it offers great nutritionnal benefits, but also because it gives our chocolate bars a natural sweet taste, perfectly seamless.

Xylitol, a low glycemic index sugar derived from the birch tree

Besides coconut sugar that is part of our chocolate basic recipe, we use xylitol to cristallise some of our ingredients, such as the rose petals creating « La Courtisane »  unique taste.

Xylitol is a low glycemic index sugar derived from the birch tree. It has been considered as an excellent alternative to traditionnal sugar for many years, especially in northern countries where birch trees are very common. It offers a very low glycemix index of 7.

At Rose & Cacao our xylitol is non GMO,gluten free, with no chemicals residues and without additives. It suits the needs of people with diabete and every person caring for her sugar intake.

And when we make low temperature  caramelized cacao nibs for our « Alchemy » chocolate bar, we use a little bit of maple syrup in our recipe (for a 100g chocolate bar of « Alchemy » you get about 2,17g of maple syrup). This is our small exception to the low glycemic sweeteners rule we follow at Rose & Cacao, but we think that you have plenty of choice in our low glycemic index chocolat bars selection to find happyness !



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